Needle Wings!

A very lucky submissive was treated to a fabulous set of wings!! he brought Me some beautiful purple ostrich feathers, matched together with My favourite black and purple needles, I created a stunning masterpiece!

Wish this was you? It takes 2 hours to complete. Contact Me

Lady C





The Lady C ‘Take Down’

I was visited by an old client last week who had obviously become complacent after sessioning with Me for 2 years. he thought it was ok to pitch up in his best knickers, stockings, suspenders and stilettos without permission!

Anyone who has sessioned with Me understands that these privileges need to be earned.

he immediately knew he had disappointed Me by my face. I have a ‘look’ which doesn’t need any words.

The shoes were confiscated and the knickers, stockings and suspenders were cut from him while he was restrained on my stretching rack….the remnants stuffed in his sorry little mouth.

Remember worms….I tell you when you have earned the privilege of ladies underwear and especially SHOES!!!!

Lady C