wicked week

Greetings All,

Oh I was so  busy last week only just managed to get here today! So what have I been up to? There appears to have been a theme running all through last week’s shenanigans.

Monday: I had a luxurious pedicure to keep my perfect tiny toes kissable. Love smooth, scented feet, and toes finished with a   blood red varnish, mmm.

Tuesday: Shopping! My new eye shadow palette, is called NAKED! and my favourite shade in it is called TEASE … so very appropriate!

Wednesday: Another evening at the Theatre, it wasn’t really ‘Wicked’ enough for me. If you want to experience real wickedness, visit us at the DF dungeon. I’m sure you will leave purged of your naughty, filthy desires, on the other hand you may even develop some more!

Thursday: The Fabulous Lady C helped me with my make up, for my new photo shoot. A local artist has offered to draw me so we spent the day in retro Betty Page mode. And if any of you lovely T Girls or CD”s  fancy having ago at expressing your self you MUST contact Lady Caroline, she’ll make you shine!

Friday: I attended THI for one of their filthy, themed Radical Desire nights. It was so much fun. Myself and the’ Sisters of No Mercy’ helped a few souls along their Path of Purgatory, using our floggers to beat the devil out of them! Can safely say my new flogger is broken in!

Saturday: Saw me at The VOGUE BALL in Liverpool. I was strutting my stuff  down the catwalk. I had so much fun! But got to bed soooo late.

Sunday: A day to relax? For some maybe. I was on hand to supervise my Chore Whore attending to my latex laundry . It’s all now pristine and shiny, ready for use in the coming week. So you see, there really is no rest for the wicked! X


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