His soul for my sole!

Well what a session! My soul destroyed foot slave was put to very good use.  I bound him securely to a hard wooden chair, naked and blindfolded naturally. I sat on his knee and removed my dirty panties.  They fitted so snuggly over his head, my delicious aroma teasing and stimulating all  his  senses. That was patently obvious! I left him like that for a while , letting him hear my heels tapping out my authority as I circled him like a shark, describing in detail the feel of my authentic vintage nylons, and my exquisite tiny size 3 feet…. teasing him as I’m going to tease you….

… you’re just going to have to be patient before I tell you more about my filthy foot slave. I had a fabulous day yesterday with the gorgeous Mistress Torment, she had just finished a session- and goodness me she really does live up to her name- anyway shopping, and afternoon tea was on the menu. I added to my collection of Agent Provocateur lingerie and stockings, and tried out a new perfume. You may, one day, get to take it in its tantalizing aroma.   So, back to the filthy pig strapped to the chair… He was getting so frustrated as I ran my silky feet up and down his legs, teasing his cock with my toes, he was drooling from everywhere! Copiously!  He begged to be allowed to worship my feet. I laughed at him, he looked so pathetic sat there. I hadn’t had my fun yet there was much more for him to suffer before I would allow him that privileged …

What a busy weekend! Fabulous meal at my favourite city restaurant, and a trip to the theatre, did manage to squeeze in a session so I had worked up an appetite! My lovely new leather flogger arrived too, it needs breaking in; some lucky sub is in for a treat! But what about that slobbering foot slave? He needed to feel some of my leather too. Once I’d finished tormenting his pathetic  cock, I untied him and had him crawl over and bring my high, black leather, stiletto shoes to me. I allowed  him to slip them onto my dainty feet, and then ordered him to sit on the floor, legs spread. He was soon moaning and groaning as he felt my heel on the shaft of his rancid meat! But that wasn’t the torture, oh no what he really wanted to do was to lick the city shit of my soles! That was all he was fit for! But he was just going to have to wait. He was there for my pleasure …..


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