Needle Wings!

A very lucky submissive was treated to a fabulous set of wings!! he brought Me some beautiful purple ostrich feathers, matched together with My favourite black and purple needles, I created a stunning masterpiece!

Wish this was you? It takes 2 hours to complete. Contact Me

Lady C




Greetings All,

What the devil… or devils! That sinner really paid the price for his sins yesterday. Two hours of purging the flesh, with flogger and crop! He certainly had the devils beaten out of him. In fact he even had a go at self flagellation!!! I made sure of that; Sins of the flesh!

Sneaky peep!

As I was sat having a well deserved break in my local coffee shop yesterday, I couldn’t help noticing a fellow’s furtive glances at me. I ignored his lascivious  grin and carried on teasing the cream from my cake with my tongue. As I bent down to pick up my handbag up I noticed that that the split in my skirt had risen up further than it should have done and the lucky man had been getting an eyeful my FF stockinged  thigh! I stood up, smiled at him, smoothed my skirt over my bottom, and walked straight past him on my way out. Filthy perv!

The Lady C ‘Take Down’

I was visited by an old client last week who had obviously become complacent after sessioning with Me for 2 years. he thought it was ok to pitch up in his best knickers, stockings, suspenders and stilettos without permission!

Anyone who has sessioned with Me understands that these privileges need to be earned.

he immediately knew he had disappointed Me by my face. I have a ‘look’ which doesn’t need any words.

The shoes were confiscated and the knickers, stockings and suspenders were cut from him while he was restrained on my stretching rack….the remnants stuffed in his sorry little mouth.

Remember worms….I tell you when you have earned the privilege of ladies underwear and especially SHOES!!!!

Lady C

wicked week

Greetings All,

Oh I was so  busy last week only just managed to get here today! So what have I been up to? There appears to have been a theme running all through last week’s shenanigans.

Monday: I had a luxurious pedicure to keep my perfect tiny toes kissable. Love smooth, scented feet, and toes finished with a   blood red varnish, mmm.

Tuesday: Shopping! My new eye shadow palette, is called NAKED! and my favourite shade in it is called TEASE … so very appropriate!

Wednesday: Another evening at the Theatre, it wasn’t really ‘Wicked’ enough for me. If you want to experience real wickedness, visit us at the DF dungeon. I’m sure you will leave purged of your naughty, filthy desires, on the other hand you may even develop some more!

Thursday: The Fabulous Lady C helped me with my make up, for my new photo shoot. A local artist has offered to draw me so we spent the day in retro Betty Page mode. And if any of you lovely T Girls or CD”s  fancy having ago at expressing your self you MUST contact Lady Caroline, she’ll make you shine!

Friday: I attended THI for one of their filthy, themed Radical Desire nights. It was so much fun. Myself and the’ Sisters of No Mercy’ helped a few souls along their Path of Purgatory, using our floggers to beat the devil out of them! Can safely say my new flogger is broken in!

Saturday: Saw me at The VOGUE BALL in Liverpool. I was strutting my stuff  down the catwalk. I had so much fun! But got to bed soooo late.

Sunday: A day to relax? For some maybe. I was on hand to supervise my Chore Whore attending to my latex laundry . It’s all now pristine and shiny, ready for use in the coming week. So you see, there really is no rest for the wicked! X

His soul for my sole!

Well what a session! My soul destroyed foot slave was put to very good use.  I bound him securely to a hard wooden chair, naked and blindfolded naturally. I sat on his knee and removed my dirty panties.  They fitted so snuggly over his head, my delicious aroma teasing and stimulating all  his  senses. That was patently obvious! I left him like that for a while , letting him hear my heels tapping out my authority as I circled him like a shark, describing in detail the feel of my authentic vintage nylons, and my exquisite tiny size 3 feet…. teasing him as I’m going to tease you….

… you’re just going to have to be patient before I tell you more about my filthy foot slave. I had a fabulous day yesterday with the gorgeous Mistress Torment, she had just finished a session- and goodness me she really does live up to her name- anyway shopping, and afternoon tea was on the menu. I added to my collection of Agent Provocateur lingerie and stockings, and tried out a new perfume. You may, one day, get to take it in its tantalizing aroma.   So, back to the filthy pig strapped to the chair… He was getting so frustrated as I ran my silky feet up and down his legs, teasing his cock with my toes, he was drooling from everywhere! Copiously!  He begged to be allowed to worship my feet. I laughed at him, he looked so pathetic sat there. I hadn’t had my fun yet there was much more for him to suffer before I would allow him that privileged …

What a busy weekend! Fabulous meal at my favourite city restaurant, and a trip to the theatre, did manage to squeeze in a session so I had worked up an appetite! My lovely new leather flogger arrived too, it needs breaking in; some lucky sub is in for a treat! But what about that slobbering foot slave? He needed to feel some of my leather too. Once I’d finished tormenting his pathetic  cock, I untied him and had him crawl over and bring my high, black leather, stiletto shoes to me. I allowed  him to slip them onto my dainty feet, and then ordered him to sit on the floor, legs spread. He was soon moaning and groaning as he felt my heel on the shaft of his rancid meat! But that wasn’t the torture, oh no what he really wanted to do was to lick the city shit of my soles! That was all he was fit for! But he was just going to have to wait. He was there for my pleasure …..

Ooooh my aching feet….

Oh my poor aching feet! I need them pampering. Have lots of stockings and panties that need washing too! Then of course my extensive collections of shoes require a thorough cleaning…. my slaves tongue will have it’s work cut out later. Will let you know soon how he gets on…….

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